Learn the Command Line ...

for Science!

Early access to the video course

Early access to the Kickstarter-funded video course is now available! You’ll get:

  • Immediate access to the student community
  • Lessons as they’re released
  • Lifetime access to the course once it’s finished

Start from zero

This video course is designed for scientists with little or no programming experience. It’s okay if you’ve never even touched the command line (or if you did once but it felt icky).

Gain super powers

You’ll have fun learning a new, powerful way of communicating with your computer. Along the way, you’ll acquire access to a whole world of amazing open source data and software. Who knows what you’ll do next?

Course outline

  • Intro and setup (OSX, Windows and Linux)
  • Navigation; managing and reading files
  • Installing software
  • Vim (part 1)
  • Customizing your environment (part 1)
  • Sed, grep and pipes
  • Vim (part 2)
  • Customizing your environment (part 2)
  • Reading docs
  • Case study: bioinformatics
  • Case study: astronomy
  • Next steps

Here's what you'll do:


Hi there, I'm Brian. I have a Master's in Information and Computer Science from the Univeristy of Hawai'i at Manoa, and I teach scientists to code because it is immensely gratifying to grant superpowers to another human being.

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